Support our worldwide and local mission projects through ‘Verder’ (Beyond):

IBAN: NL42INGB0004688632
Account name: Christian City Church Arnhem
State ‘Verder‘ on your transaction authorization

What’s Beyond?
‘Verder’ (Beyond) takes us past our church walls into our communities through a variety of mission projects to meet the very real needs of our world. Gifts for ‘Verder’ will be transferred to a separate bankaccount that is dedicated to this mission.

C3 Arnhem is currently supporting:

Children in Indonesia – we support two children in Bandung, through Compassion International. We write with them, pray over them and support them financially.

Your Best Life TV – These TV programme’s reach thousands of people worldwide with the good news, especially in remote areas.

New Hope Moldova with Ps Oleg & Marina Reutki. New Hope Moldova is Moldova’s largest anti-trafficking organisation. Each year they host summer camps for over 4000 orphans, of which hundreds commit their life to Christ. They also have several Transition Homes where orphan children find a new life. Each year, C3 Arnhem organizes a life-changing camp for these orphans. We also visit projects in Moldova through the year. See for our blog with updated information on these projects.

Churches in Europe – We support Messiah Church in Bulgaria (Ps Lyubo & Tanya Petkovi).

Churches in Africa – We support C3 Churches in East-Africa. Click here for more information.

Community work in Arnhem – we work in the community of Malburgen, with various initiatives for the elderly, families and youth. We work together with local organizations as much as possible.

Disaster relief – In the case of major (worldwide) disasters we provide financial contributions through Stichting Compassion and through our global C3 Network.

To make a donation now, you can give into our bank account NL42INGB0004688632 of Christian City Church Arnhem, stating “Verder”.

Thanks for your financial contributions.