How does C3 Arnhem fund its activities?
C3 Arnhem activities are completely funded by tithes, offerings and gifts. These are given during the church service or transferred to our bank account by church members and people who want to contribute. Genral tithes (tithes and general gifts) tke care of the everyday running of the church. Gifts for our Beyond Missions are used for missions projects in the Netherlands and abroad. Vision Builders gifts (a building fund) goes to an especially set up savings account for the future. For more information, look on the applicable pages and for bank account numbers on the bottom of this page. All gifts to C3 Arnhem are tax deductable.

C3 Arnhem is noted by the tax office as a government approved ‘Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling (ANBI)’

General Account
For tithes and other offerings (Arnhem):
IBAN: NL42INGB0004688632
Account name: Christian City Church Arnhem

Vision Builders
Donations for our building fund:
IBAN: NL42INGB0004688632
Account name: Christian City Church Arnhem
(State ‘Vision Builders’ on your transaction authorization)

Verder Account
Support our worldwide and local mission projects through ‘Verder’ (Beyond):
IBAN: NL42INGB0004688632 Account name: Christian City Church Arnhem
(State ‘Verder’ on your transaction authorization)