‘’My first experience at connect group was diving deeper into the bible in a relaxed way. That is now two years ago already and for me connect group is still the place to be to ask questions, chat, pray, build friendships and eat tasty cookies! It’s worth it, each and every time!” (Kim)

Connect groups are the central activity outside of our services and generally take place in peoples homes. Whilst we grow bigger as a church it is more and more important to keep small in focus, so there is personal attention for each individual church member. Our Sunday service is where we all meet together. With a connect group you will find a personal connection in a fun and relevant way.

There are different connect groups in C3 Arnhem that generally meet every fortnight on a Tuesday evening. There are also connect groups for specific groups of people. For instance, for groups of mums with young children and for the youth. These may meet on other days of the week.

We drink coffee together, learn from the bible together and pray for each other and the city. Through this you not only gain valuable friendships, but also receive a strong basis of faith for your life as a Christian. Something we believe will benefit you greatly through the week.

How can I join a connectgroup?
Feel free to meet with one of our groups with no obligation. Come to one of our services on Sunday and meet our connectgroup leaders during coffee. Or check out the Connectgroups on the map below and email us. We will then help you find a fitting group.

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